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Film about Saint John wonder-worker

    All admirers of Archbishop John dream to have in their collection the complete, high-quality made film about the life, the works and the miracles of the dear ruler. During entire the life cycle of Archbishop John wonder-worker's Fund to us constantly occur the proposals to take film about Archbishop John (Maksimovich), Shanghai and San-Francisco wonder-worker. Recently to us entered new, but in our view completely unique, proposal to take film. Its uniqueness consists not only in the fact that proceeds from the professional, the academician of the academy of cinematographic skills, deserved worker of the skills of Russia, leader of one of the associations of Ekaterinburg motion picture studio, but also in the fact that our academician, in the times of his stay in Shanghai, was spiritual fumes of Archbishop John wonder-worker. This alloy seems us being promising. From one side the high professional level, with another - the love for Saint, carried through entire life from the childhood itself. According to the intention of the author, Uritski Boris, the film about blissful John wonder-worker thinks as story about the Russian Orthodox Church based on the example to the holy life of Archbishop John, and it is directed toward the association of Moscow Patriarchy with the Russian orthodox foreign church for creating the united Russian Orthodox Church, whose authority by his righteous life, by holy prayers and by great miracles blissful John wonder-worker raised in the world to the unprecedented height.

   We are turned to all, who are ready to support this project. Let us designate the basic directions of the aid:

  1. Organization of the support of the project of film about John wonder-worker in the service of cinematography in the ministry of culture of Russia.
  2. Sponsor support of the project.
  3. Assignment of original materials about Archbishop John for this film.

We will be glad to your support, expressed in any form.

Contacts: +7-095-680-12-80; info@adamovka.ru

About the author

URITSKI Boris Grigorievitch, motion picture director.

Deserved worker of the skills of the Russian Federation, the laureate of Lomonosov reward.

Director of non-play films:
"Vladya Agapov will go to the festival", 1957
"Way to the large oil", 1962
"Extraordinary migrants", 1964
The "first order of republic", 1968

"Distant island Kunashir", 1968

The "law of revival", 1969

"Who are you, robot?", 1973

"Time to be man", 1974

"We and nature", 1977

"Navigation", 1979

I must go on , 1980

The "signal Of hope", 1984

"Right to the career", 1984

"Rebellious monk Iakinf Bichurin", 1985

"Wide gauge", 1986

The "July snow of Urengoy", 1986

"That can General?", 1987

"And pain returns", 1989

Oh, Russia..., 1990

"Strange cities", film trilogy, 1993


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