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Archbishop John of Shanghai and San-Francisco wonder-worker

       John (Maksimovich), Archbishop of Shanghai and San-Francisco (1896-1966) preached in Asia, Europe and

America. He was a strict ascetic who sought to protect and heal the poor. Archbishop John was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church on 19 June 1994, according to the Orthodox calendar (2 July according to the Gregorian calendar). He was a tireless worker during the day and a man who spent his nights deep in prayer. The Lord himself indicated to him those who needed his help; indeed, there were times when St John would appear unexpectedly in places where he was particularly needed, having anticipated the needs and the sorrows of those who turned to him for help. He could pass through walls,

exorcise demons, answer questions not asked aloud, and he could bring back to health those who seemed near death. He not only found the words to comfort the ill and the poor, but he immediately took action to help them. He projected an amazing force which attracted people to him even more so than did his countless miracles. A devout follower of Christ, this force emanated from his deep love and belief in Christ. For believers throughout the world, Archbishop John was a miracle worker who could bring instant help in times of illness, sorrow, and danger. Today, he is considered to protect travellers as well as provide consolation in times of suffering.

Avva John, the mole of God about us!

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