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John wonder-worker's Contribution.

Apostle of last times


   In forced emigration of the part of the Russian society after the revolution of 1917 of Archbishop John saw special trade God. He said that punishing Russian people, the Lord simultaneously indicated to it the way of rescuing - after making by his preacher of orthodoxy in entire peace. Itself John wonder-worker became the worldwide lamp, with each year increasingly which brighter illuminates with humanity. Through it many people on all continents turn themselves to the God.

  By the exploit of his apostolic service of Archbishop John shows that Christianity opens the sense of life to all people, also, to all periods, and therefore only in Christianity it is possible to find answers to all phenomena and questions of life.

 Even John wonder-worker, who healed hopeless patients and saved from death of those doomed, said during his terrestrial lifewhat to uselessly search for sense and purpose of life in the terrestrial life, which ends with death. It is necessary to attempt to master godly, beneficial, eternal life, and then will be arranged this temporary, terrestrial.


Prophetic service

 Archbishop John, miracles his entire filled peace, contemplated future and arranged by his prayer present. This is what he spoke about the future of Russia:

 "Restored Russia is necessary to entire peace, from which the spirit of life went away and it entire in the fear as before the earthquake. Everywhere uncertainty, distrust and weakness. They speak about the peace, but there is no peace and all are prepared for the war. They attempt to arrange vital prosperity to all, and life becomes entire heavier. They search for the new ways of life and never them they will find, because there are not ".

 "For the revival of Russia are useless all political and program associations: Of Russia is necessary the moral renovation of Russian people ".

 "Russia rises so, as it rose and it is earlier. It rises, when faith burns When people spiritually rise, when again by them is precious the clear, solid faith in the truth of the words of the Rescuer: "search for before the Reign of God and Truth entire and this they will be applied to you". Russia rises, when falls in love with faith and the confession of the orthodoxy, when he sees and falls in love with orthodox preachers and confessors ".

 "Russia rises, when look its raises and sees, that all saints, in the earth of Russian brightened, are living in The reign of God, that in them the spirit of eternal life and that we should be with them and spiritually touch and be introduced their eternal life. In this the rescuing of Russia and entire peace ".

Fast assistant

 Archbishop John - personified love of God, the boundless ocean of love, which is fixed to the aid, even before the application of our, to those all suffering calamity, independent of their religion and nationality.

 People, which once felt the beneficial aid of John wonder-worker, already strongly are held for his Archbishop’s chasubles, in all griefs, needs and misfortunes they call his holy name. The books about John wonder-worker or his icons, entrusted to the breast, doctor during the sleep our sincere and solid ailments, in heavy grief and diseases. Are frequent the cases, when women in their elegant bags bear as the most expensive property, the books and the icons of Archbishop, immediately coming running to it in all difficult situations.

 The icons of John wonder-worker in the machines, the helicopters, the aircraft, on the water and under water - this is the beneficial insurance policy, which smoothly acts in the case of preliminary praying turning to saint.

 There are no such illnesses, grieve and the needs, in which Archbishop John would not help us to bear their cross.


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